Eliahou Eric Bokobza

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Illustration for books
Cover page

Illustration for books

Almost sweet life
cover for a novel by Ronit Libermench
published by Modan, 2002
Shira goes to town
paintings for a children book by Michal Snunit
published by Modan, 2006
Eliahou's Hagada
60 paintings for the book of Passover
edited by the Bar-David Museum of Art, Kibbutz Baram
published by Halfi Art Editor, 2014

Cover page
Ariel magazine
back cover
published by
the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2002
Lechu ve nelcha
tourist guide by Ran Aharonson
published by Yad Ben-Zvi, 2003
Panim magazine
front cover
published by
Israeli Teachers Association, 2006
Peamim 109
front cover
journal for oriental-jewish research
published by
Yad Ben-Zvi institute, 2006
Peamim 113
front cover
journal for oriental-jewish research
published by
Yad Ben-Zvi institute, 2007
CAA Art Journal
back and front cover
published by CAA, U.S.A, 2009

IMAJ - Israel Medical Association Journal
front cover
Vol. 17, number 9, September 2015

Hebrew for beginners
published by the Avi-Chai Foundation, 2003
Lyrics by Ehud Manor
illustration for the book by Ofra Fuks and Yoav Ginai

published by The Yediot Aharonot, 2006
Portrait A Century of Israeli Art
film by Moish Goldberg
initiated and funded by Lottery Council for the Arts and
TV Chanel 2 Authority, 2008

Direction East 21
journal for mizrahi culture and literature
published by Bimat Kedem, 2010

A Collective's collection
Art and Judaica in The Bar-David Museum Collection
published by
The Bar-David Museum of Art, Kibbutz Baram, 2013
Secularization in Jewish Culture
published by The Open University of Israel, 2014

Hamidrasha 17
published by Beit Berl Academic Faculty of Art, 2014
Stains and Stampings
Mizrahi and Palestinian Identity in Visual Art in Israel
published by Achoti (Sister) - for Women in Israel, 2015
The Israeli Talmud-The scroll of independence
The Third Paragraph. Editor: Dov Elbaum
published by BINA, Tel Aviv, 2016